Saturday, July 19, 2014


In effort to motivate and reward everyone to continue riding through the heat of the summer, we are going to offer some STRAVA CLUB CHALLENGES.  Depending on participation, we may make this a regular offering and perhaps our SPONSORS might kick down a few swag items to pass along to the winners.

HERE'S THE DEAL:  A Strava Segment will be selected.  You will ride as fast as you can on the segment and the fastest ride time for the week wins!  The week begins on Monday.  Ride the segment as many times as you like, and Strava will reflect your fastest time for the week.  Please note that only Public Activities will count; private activities will not.  Both Men & Women times will be awarded.  Segment selections will vary (climbing, flat, sprints, mountain, road, geographic locations, ect) to help even out the skills everyone possesses.

  1. Participate at your own risk.  Ride safely, obey the law, and don't be dumb.  
  2. You must JOIN OUR STRAVA CLUB.  Otherwise, your effort will not be captured in the results.
    1. If you are unfamiliar with STRAVA and want to learn more about it, please visit our blog post:  STRAVA......TEAM/CLUB ENHANCEMENTS
  3. You must upload your ride to STRAVA no later than Sunday, by 6 pm MST, on the last day of the weekly challenge.
    1. For example:  If the challenge week begins on Monday, July 21, 2014 and ends Sunday July 27, 2014.  You must upload your ride information no later than Sunday July 27, 2014 by 6 pm MST to be considered.
    2. "Private" Activities are not eligible since they do not show up on the Strava Dashboard.  Only "Public" Activities are eligible for participation consideration.
  4. We will announce the winners shortly after the upload deadline.  Additionally, I will maintain a new page on the TEAM BLOG = STRAVA CHALLENGE that will track the progress of the specific segment challenge.
  5. We will do our best to offer prizes & swag through SLIM & KNOBBY'S BIKE SHOP on a limited basis; (a water bottle, hat, gel, coupons, etc.)  
  6. For the first few challenges, we are going to just see how this is received, how much participation exists, and make adjustments necessary to make it fun and motivating.
  7. Results will only be considered for team members who:
    1. Have Joined our Strava Club
    2. Have uploaded their ride data for that specific weekly challenge by the stated deadline. Retroactive data will NOT be considered.
  8. Championship points will be awarded for each participant for each Strava Club Challenge.  Cumulative results will be maintained and at the end of the season, an over all STRAVA CLUB CHALLENGE CHAMPION will be announced in both Men & Women categories.
    1. This intended to reward those that participate regularly and help motivate those that may not be as fast as others to be a regular participant!  
    2. Everyone who finishes the segment will be awarded points, so keep riding!!!
    3. Strava Club Challenge Point Allocation Schedule:
      1. Place Points 
        1 15
        2 13
        3 11
        4 10
        5 9
        6 8
        7 7
        8 6
        9 5
        10 4
        11th-20th 3
        21st-Finisher 2


  • SEGMENT:  DNA Cycling Emigration Hill Climb  
  • DATES:  Monday July 21, 2014 through Sunday July 27, 2014
  • PRIZE:  Pride this go around knowing you won the very first challenge!

I hope this motivates you to ride more especially during the heat of the summer!  Please email any questions, comments, feedback to


Tim Shaw

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