Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We are excited to announce that we have made significant progress toward 2014.  We want to provide a brief update of things you should become excited for.  More information is forthcoming, but for now, here is an overview.

  • Team Kits, according to our contact at DNA CYCLING, are in the FINAL design stage.
    • We expect to have them within the next few days.
  • After design approval by Team Management, all team members can VOTE for their favorite design.
    • We will publish the designs and allow voting for approximately 2 days.  The winning designed will then be announced.
    • Shortly thereafter, the "order"window will open enabling:
      • Renewed membership
      • New Membership
      • Product/kit Pre-order
  • Order fulfillment is expected by March 2014.
  • Team Management has secured and is finalizing agreements with ADDITIONAL SPONSORS.
    • http://popewatches.com/
      • Pope Watch Co. was founded on the premise of unique design that speaks to the consumer.  As a company, they sought to create a Swiss timepiece that is your daily-wear because of its sleek design, comfort, and unique styling features.
    • Superior Ski & Footworx
      • Specializing in custom orthotics.

We will provide additional information as soon as it becomes available through all of our social media sites.  Stay tuned to our Blog, Google Group, and Facebook Page!

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