Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 KITS (waiting for additional designs)

We are excited to follow up from the last announcement about the 2014 kits.  We have received nearly all the design samples from DNA Cycling.  We are waiting for them to provide us with additional designs, but we wanted to get these out in front of you to help get you more excited for the upcoming year.

Once all the designs are completed (we expect this to be the first part of next week), we will enable Voting" on the team blog where you can select your favorite design.  The Voting will be open for only a couple of days, so please make sure to cast your vote as soon as the window is opened.  More information coming soon!

For now, please submit comments, suggestions, and feedback on our 2014 TEAM KIT PROPOSALS ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.  This way, we don't overload the email addresses that are associated with the team Google Group.

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