Thursday, February 27, 2014


The Team Google Group is designed to be used for announcing, discussing, and sharing things that are relevant to the entire group.  The Google Group is a public forum where all information posted and commented therein is shared with the team and the general public. 
Considering this is the intention of the Google Group we are hoping to offer some suggestions:
  • We encourage using the Google Group knowing that everything you share therein will be public material. (ie: Group Rides, Race Information, Events, ect.)
  • We discourage sharing personal contact information, complaints, sizing/fit kit issues, or anything else that might be not applicable to the entire team.
  • We hope this will help improve the overall experience for team members and not overwhelm everyone's email inbox.
For things that might not be relevant to the entire team, we encourage you to email us directly at:
We will happily respond to your email within a reasonable period of time.
We have added a "CONTACT US" page on the team blog which contains our email address for quick reference as imaged.
Thank you,
Team Admin

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