Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We now have a "GOOGLE GROUP" for the team!


We have successfully embedded the Google Group directly into the Blog making this a more consolidated information source.  Of course, the external links below will continue to work.  Within the Blog, please click on the following area circled in red in the image below to view and partipcate in the group forum.  If there are any scripting or compatiblity errors related to Internet Explorer 8 or 9 on your specific computer, please troubleshoot accordingly:
  • Update your Internet Explorer Version
  • Use a different web brower (ie. Chrome, Safari, ect.)


We are excited to announce that we have formed a "GOOGLE GROUP" enhancing team communications.  The former team did not have a dynamic communication method allowing team members to communicate very easily.  The Google Group will improve our ablity in this capacity in a forum format. This is a "public" group. However, we only allow "members" of the group to create 'Topics' and/or 'Post' within the group.  Click HERE, or on the image below to be connected to the Google Group.

For those members that placed kit orders in 2013, we directly added your email used in that order to the Google Group as of April 16, 2013.

To request membership to this group, please email skullcandyslimknobbyscycling@gmail.com for consideration or follow the google prompts on the Google Group links above.


There are some important things members should know about our Google Group:
  • This is a "public" group, visible to anyone on the web. 
    • However, we only allow "members" of the group to create 'Topics' and/or 'Post' within.
  • If you HAVE a Google Account, you must login to create 'Topics' and/or 'Post' in the group (or reply to the "Digest Email" as clarified later on).
    • For those in this catagory, we assumed that the email you used when you placed the 2013 kit order is related to your Google Account.  If it is not the case, please notify us via email and we will update your information enabling access.
  • If you DO NOT HAVE a Google Account, you can always create one at Google.com. 
    • If you create a Google Account, you must notify us of your new email address.  Once you inform us, we will update your new information enabling access.
  • If you DO NOT HAVE a Google Account & don't want to create one, the ability to create 'Topics' and/or 'Post' is limited to email responses ONLY but you are still ABLE to particpate via email.
    • To create a new 'Topic', or reply to a 'Post', simply respond to the email you received (the details are outlined nicely therein) and it will be added to the Google Group.
Here is a description of what happens in the cases above after members post in the Google Group: 
  • By default, you will receive a "Digest Email" approximately once per day with up to 25 full new messages bundled into a single email.  We assume that because you are a member of the team, that you would prefer to receive communications enhancing your membership vs. no communication at all.
  • Upon receipt of the notification via email, you can choose to participate by:
    • Replying via email in all cases above (Please refer to the information in the "Digest Email").
    • Login to your Google Account, for those that have one, and participate.
    • In either case, your reply will be added to the Google Group for all to see.
We respect that fact that some members may not want to receive the "Digest Email/ (default)" delivery; or otherwise may need/want to change the delivery setting.  This can be easily done at any time with no questions asked.  To make changes to the current delivery setting, or change/update your exisiting email address, please email us at skullcandyslimknobbyscycling@gmail.com and indicate your preferred delivery setting as outlined below. 

Currently, Google offers the following "Google Group Delivery Settings":
  • NO EMAIL - You will not get any email but you may read the group on the web.
  • ABRIDGE EMAIL- Receive eamil once per day, or for every 100 messages, as a summary of new activity each day.
  • DIGEST EMAIL (default) - Receive email approximately one per day and get up to 25 full new messages bundled into a single email.
  • EMAIL - Receive each email individually as they are sent from 'Topics' and/or 'Posts' real-time.
We will happily update your information as timely as possible upon request; just let us know!


THE BOTTOM LINE IS SIMPLE:  We want to make membership on this team valuable, however you might define that!  Just let us know what works best for you by sending us an email at skullcandyslimknobbyscycling@gmail.com

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